Is tofu vegan friendly?I’m sometimes asked if tofu is vegan friendly…

You can never be too sure whether a particular food is vegan friendly. Even common foods that seem vegan friendly are actually not vegan.

Fortunately, tofu itself contains no animal products and is a vegan friendly food.

Tofu is a soy product made from curdled soy bean. It’s very versatile because it takes on the flavor of whatever you make it with.

With tofu, you can do literally everything from vegan cheesecake to lasagna tacos to enchiladas to smoothies and more.

Many Asian restaurants have tofu options on the menu, which makes this cuisine a great option for vegans when dining out.

A lot of people make the mistake of buying tofu and eating it plain. There are some long-term tofu aficionados who enjoy eating it this way, but for most people this is a quick way to develop a strong dislike for tofu…

Just as many non-vegans like to season their meat, it is typically not recommended to eat tofu unseasoned. Whether you prefer your tofu savory or sweet, the trick is to always flavor it.

One of the easiest ways to start out with tofu is by seasoning it with some Bragg Liquid Aminos or tamari. There are more exotic choices such as peanut sauces you can try as well.

You can buy different types of tofu such as firm, extra firm and silken…

Firm and extra firm are great for cooking, seasoning and making the main attraction in your vegan meals. You can sauté with veggies, fry in a frying pan- there are numerous possibilities. One thing I wouldn’t recommend is baking tofu as it can render your tofu watery and lacking flavor.

With silken tofu, you can put it in a blender or food processor and make vegan desserts, dips and spreads. Be careful to process the tofu extremely carefully so it isn’t lumpy or grainy.

Some people don’t like the texture of tofu, but in those situations you can change the texture if you freeze and then thaw tofu. This  gives tofu more of a stringy texture.

One thing to keep in mind…

While tofu is vegan friendly by itself, it may be combined with other ingredients that may not be so vegan friendly. If you’re ordering a tofu dish when dining out, just be sure to check with the server that there are no animal products such as milk or eggs in the dish.

And, you’ll always want to be sure to read the label when buying tofu at the store.

For the most part, though, tofu is a tasty, versatile vegan-friendly option for eating at home or dining out.

What’s your favorite vegan tofu dish?

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