Vegan CondimentsVegan condiments can add so much flavor and personality to vegan meals. With so many vegan condiment options available, vegan food doesn’t ever have to taste boring or bland.

Most people season their food during the cooking process, which is a fine way to do it. However, some people are sensitive to spices and flavorings that are added during the cooking process.

Preparing your meals without much seasoning and presenting guests with an array of delicious vegan condiments is a great way to ensure that everyone enjoys their meal.

Some great vegan condiments are nutritional yeast, Celtic Sea Salt, hot sauce and Bragg Liquid Aminos. I also like to add olive oil after the dish is cooked for some delicious flavor…

An added benefit with olive oil is that it can also come to the rescue if the vegan meal you’re eating is a little dry!

Everyone has different tastes in food. If you make something that isn’t to your liking, you can experiment with vegan condiments to add just a bit of flavor or change the taste altogether.

If you over-condiment, you can always add more food to your plate to balance it out!

I grew up in a family with very different tastes in food requirements. While my dad has always liked his food plain, my mom likes a lot of flavor. I fell somewhere in the middle.

Having the option of using condiments to make our food taste just the way we like it made for a much happier household. With vegan condiments, everyone at the table can enjoy their vegan meal just the way they like it.

What are your favorite vegan condiments?

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